Your Say – Premium isn’t Luxury!

A week in, and I have my first solid conclusion in the Premium Car Debate! Yes, it may surprise some, but apparently, luxury doesn’t necessarily constitute a premium car!

The Premium Factor: 

The first to respond via Facebook was also the first to state that luxury and premium didn’t mean the same thing, but that for something to be considered premium, it had to have “some kind of X factor that makes it special”.

FB 1

The next idea to pop up was, that for a car to be Premium, it had to have some kind of “perceived value and price”. When asked further, he thought that the brand identity had a lot to do with it, prompting me to write this

FB 2

Stevie Wendland went on to reiterate the notion that the two are different, and that a premium edition is actually a money factor.

More Than Just an Image

Back on the blog, an interesting viewpoint by Jeremy; he thinks a premium car doesn’t need to be a “fashion statement” but rather a car that fit a person’s needs. I suppose this very down to earth point of view is what many people actually want, but don’t necessarily have the luxury of having – for example a largish family would consider a large and spacious car “premium”, due to their individual needs.


Ryan meanwhile, thinks that a premium car is simply a well thought out one – once again, not a car that does many things, but one which does what it does well! A very practical and pragmatic bunch read Piston Bloke by the looks of things!

No No, not Always Luxury!

So having defined that a premium car need not be a luxurious one, I was keen to find out what cars were in fact premium, without being luxurious?

Why? Well maybe we could then home in to the finer points of what makes a car premium. Maybe we can define this X factor!

So I once again took to Facebook.

Fb 4

Yep, we certainly got some more confusing answers…

Fb 5

I was about to give up on separating the two categories, untill Charith managed to come up with a very good example of what he considers Premium, but not luxurious.

Fb 6

Some Closure to Premium vs Luxury

Finally, An in-depth reply by Mr. Fernando gave a lot more food for thought, but also manged to close the Premium vs Luxury debate to a great extent. Yet another one to throw his hat into the “premium isn’t necessarily luxury” ring, he manged to cite a few examples of overlap:

FB 3

So there you have it, Premium is certainly a tag line that can cross the borders of luxury, yet still manage to make a particular car stand out from the crowd.

What have I learnt? Well needless to say, my initial viewpoint that both premium-ness (I know that’s not a word) and luxury go hand in hand, is not entirely true. Whilst the two do compliment each other, “premium” is a more fluid concept, one that is not as tangible as the term “luxury”.

What next? Well, many sports cars were mentioned when I asked what cars weren’t necessarily luxurious but premium.

So my next question is, are all sports cars premium? 

Leave you answers in the comments below!

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